Edmund Lazarus

Managing Partner at EMK Capital

Edmund Lazarus is the managing partner at EMK Capital. EMK focuses on investments in businesses where they can support growth and change. In partnering with EMK, businesses and management teams get access to more than just capital – they work together to generate ideas on how to take a business forward and act as a catalyst for delivering change.

EMK has the capability to commit over £100m of equity to a single investment from their fund and in partnership with their limited partners they could commit far more should a portfolio company require that through the life of an investment.

“EMK’s vision is to support management teams to achieve transformational growth and to build world class businesses which are leaders in their market.”

-Edmund Lazarus, on his work with EMK Capital.

Edmund Lazarus started his career with Bain & Co. before joining SG Warburg and then Merrill Lynch. He later became a member of the Global Investment Committee of Morgan Stanley. Edmund Lazarus was a founder of Bregal Capital in 2003 and became Managing Partner in 2009 before spinning out, with the full support of Bregal, to create EMK Capital. Today, Edmund Lazarus is the majority owner and Managing Partner of EMK Capital.

EMK makes it their mission to put entrepreneurial decision making to deliver growth at the heart of their approach to value creation with investment in management central to our philosophy combined with deep domain knowledge of the sub sectors we target for investment. As the Managing Partner, Edmund Lazarus is responsible for developing the strategies and actions needed to deliver targeted growth. Lazarus hopes to grow the firm over time to become pre-eminent in UK & European mid-market private equity.

Apart from EMK, Edmund Lazarus is deeply passionate about education and health reform. Edmund has always had a personal interest in how innovation can be accelerated in the state system. The interest in health reform is very similar. Edmund understands that the challenge is not only to deliver reform but to get the buy-in needed to enable it to be effectively implemented. Edmund continues to immerse himself in education and health reform through various initiatives.

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